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Astrolib is an e-mail distribution for astronomy librarians whose purpose is to share relevant information widely and rapidly. Astrolib was born out of the desire expressed at IAU Colloquium 110 (Wilkins and Stevens-Rayburn 1988) to continue the valuable exchange of information begun there. Astrolib messages vary widely in content, including information on difficult-to-find and noncommercial items (both print and non-print), information on publication problems or defective journal issues, duplicate items offered to other libraries, reports from conference attendees, reports on ongoing projects (e.g., the IAU Thesaurus, see §7.1.), questions about technical library matters, and information on resource sharing. E. Bouton of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory acts as manager and moderator for the Astrolib distribution. She receives and redistributes all messages, editing them and combining them as necessary or convenient. Information about librarians' e-mail addresses is regularly and actively solicited by the manager and by other librarians. In late 1993 there were 120 people from 23 countries receiving Astrolib messages. For further information contact E. Bouton,
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