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Preprint Lists from NRAO and STScI

The libraries of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO) and the Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI) cooperate in producing lists of preprints received. The lists are distributed electronically every two weeks by the librarians of STScI and NRAO (see below). Both preprint lists are also available through WAIS.

STEPsheet (``Space Telescope Exhibited Preprints'') is a list of all preprints received during the last two weeks at the STScI and is prepared by the STScI librarian, Sarah Stevens-Rayburn. It is delivered by electronic mail and subscription requests should be sent to Each list presently contains well over 100 titles. Note that the preprints themselves are not distributed by the STScI librarian and must be requested from the individual author. The full current STScI database contains everything received in the last several years, along with all papers received since 1982 and not yet published. It is searchable on-line by connecting to ( and logging in as stlib. Note that VT100 keypad emulation is required to use the EDT editor for searching. Both the current STScI database and the full database of all preprints received since 1982 are searchable via WAIS as stsci-preprint-db.src and stsci-old-preprint-db.src in the WAIS directory-of-servers. These files are also available on WWW from the library's homepage, For additional information, contact

The RAPsheet (``Radio Astronomy Preprints'') is a listing of all preprints received in the Charlottesville library of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory in the preceding two weeks. It is meant to serve as an alert service only - the NRAO library does not copy or distribute the preprints listed. Interested persons should request copies of preprints from the authors. The unRAPsheet is a listing of papers which appeared previously on the RAPsheet for which citations have been added in the preceding two weeks. The tables of contents of all incoming journals and meeting proceedings are scanned in order to find citations and update the records. The RAPsheet is posted to the sci.astro usenet group and the full database is available via anonymous FTP in the pub/rapsheet directory on and is updated once every two weeks. A database of preprints received, along with their added citations, from 1986 forward, including unpublished ones since 1978, is also searchable using WAIS. The necessary source file is Please address any questions, comments, or corrections regarding the RAP/unRAPsheets to

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