Appendix 11: Technical Help

The Nine Planets is best viewed on-line via a graphical WWW browser which displays the pictures in color and supports hypertext link traversal. With the obvious limitations, it can also be read with a text-only browser or even printed.

Many of the images will look a lot better if displayed on a system capable of 16 bits or more per pixel.

To view the movies and hear the sounds, you'll need additional helper programs. These are readily available on the Net.


I recommend that you use Netscape as your browser. Netscape can display gif and jpeg images directly without need of any additional helper apps. You do need additional helper apps for movies and sounds, however. I recommend: All of these (except Netscape) are also available from the info-mac archive.


I cannot offer specific advice for other platforms. But the references below will probably tell you what you need to know.

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