Plasma Astrophysics Group - Funding

Greek General Secretariat for Research and Technology

Our group is mainly funded by the GSRT under the program PENED.

EU Program "INTAS"

Our group participates in a research network, under the EU program INTAS , with seven other institutes and Universities ( University of Ioannina (Greece), University of Florence (Italy), Main Astronomical Observatory of The Russain Academy of Science (Russia), Institute of Solar Terrestrial Physics (Russia), Crimean Observatory (Ukraine), Special Astrophysical Observatory of The Russain Academy of Science (Russia), Institute of Applied Physics of The Russain Academy of Science (Russia) ).

EU Program "ERASMUS"

We participate in two European Networks ( European Astrophysics Doctoral Network, Solar and Space Physics Network). Graduate students from our group frequently visit other institutes in Europe.

TMR (Euroconferences)

Our group is funded to organize the following Euroconferences under the European Commission's TMR Programme :

"Solar and Heliospheric Plasma Physics" , ( May 1996 ) at Thessaloniki, Greece.

"Summer School in Space Solar Physics" , (September 1997) at Orsay, France, in collaboration with Prof. J.-C. Vial.

"Solar Plasma Physics: Prospects for the Next Century" , (May 1999) at Birmingham, U.K., in collaboration with Prof. G. Simnett.

Greek National Scholarship Foundation (IKY)

Two graduate students (Mr. N. Mylonas and Mr. M. Georgoulis) hold scholarships from IKY.