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Upcoming Relativity Conferences and Schools


'Cosmology and Strings',ICTP in Trieste, Italy on 13-17 July 2007
BritGrav 7, 3-4 April 2007, Cambridge, UK
IoP Nuclear and Particles Div, 3-5 April 2007, Surrey, UK
BICOS 2007, 10-13 April 2007 Bilbao, Spain
Black Holes and naked Sings. 10-12 May 2007, Milan
XIX Blois: Matter and Energy 20-26 May 2007 Blois, France
'Matter and Energy in the Universe: from nucleosynthesis to cosmology', 20-26 May 2007, Chateau de Blois, France.
'Space-based Research in Fundamental Physics and Quantum Technologies', 10-13 June 2007, Bremen, Germany
Quantum to Emergent Gravity, 11-15 June 2007, Trieste
10th Italian-Korean Symp, 25-30 June 2007 Pescara/Gran Sasso, Italy
PIRT2007, 2-5 July 2007, Moscow, Russia
From IRAS to HERSCHEL/PLANCK, 9-11 July 2007, London, UK.
'Cosmology and Strings',13-17 July 2007, ICTP in Trieste, Italy
11th Paris Cosmology Colloq., 16-18 August 2007, Paris, France
Gravitational Wave Astronomy 20-25 August 2007, Bad Honnef
JENAM 2007 Gravity Waves, 20-25 August 2007, Yerevan, Armenia
A century of cosmology, 27-31 August 2007, Venice, Italy
Quantum Field Theory, 17-21 September 2007, Leipzig, Germany
FERT 2007, 20-24 September 2007, Moscow, Russia
Planets to Dark Energy, 1-5 October 2007, Manchester, UK


23rd Pacific Coast Meeting, 16-17 March 2007, Pasadena, US
3rd Gulf Coast Meeting, 23-24 March 2007, Huntsville, US
Quantum Gravity School Mar 23-Apr 3 2007, Zakopane
Hunt for Dark Matter, 10-12 May 2007, Fermilab, US
'12th Canadian Conference On General Relativity And Relativistic Astrophysics', 18-20 May 2007, Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada
GR18/7th Amaldi meeting, July 8-13/14 Sydney, Australia
ICGA8, Aug 29-Sep 1 2007, Nara, Japan


Gravitation and Cosmology, Mar 2-6, Moscow, Russia
Gravitational waves, radio pulsars and astrometry: Testing gravity in the next decade, 30-31 March 2006, University of Birmingham (UK).
British Gravity Meeting, 4-5 April 2006, Nottingham, U.K
90th Anniversary of General Relativity, May 12-13 2006, Warsaw, Poland.
VESF school on gravity waves, May 22-26, Cascina Italy
International School on Astro-Particle Physics, European Doctorate School, Neutrinos in Physics, Astrophysics and Cosmology, 23-31 May 2006 - Munich, Germany
Gravitational Wave Advanced Detector Workshop (GWADW), May 27 - June 2, 2006, Isola d'Elba, Italy
International School on Astrophysical Relativity "John Archibald Wheeler", Erice, Sicily, 31 May - 8 June 2006, Italy
XVIIIth PETROV SCHOOL, June 22 - July 3 2006, Russia, Tatarstan, Kazan, Borovoye Matyushino, Volga camp
Inflationary Cosmology, Jun 26-30, Paris, France
NEB XII Conference, June 29 - July 2 2006, Nafplio, Greece
2nd International Conference on Quantum Theories and Renormalization Group in Gravity and Cosmology, July 11-15 2006, Barcelona, Spain
New Frontiers in Numerical Relativity, July 17-21 2006, AEI, Golm, Germany
11th Marcel Grossmann Meeting on General Relativity, July 23-29, 2006, Freie Universitaet, Berlin, Germany
Neutrinos in Particle Physics, Astrophysics and Cosmology, 8 - 23 August 2006, John Burnet Hall, St Andrews, Scotland
XVII SIGRAV Conference, Sep 4-7, Torino, Italy
XXIX Spanish meeting ERE2006, Sep 4-8, Palma de Mallorca, Spain
International School on Astro-Particle Physics, European Doctorate School, Dark Matter and Dark Energy, Sept 28th - Oct 5th 2006, Sorrento (Naples), Italy



22nd Pacific Coast meeting, Mar 3-4, Santa Barbara, U.S.A
2nd Gulf Coast Conference, Mar 17-18, Boca Raton, U.S.A
Regional Mathematical Physics, Mar 27-Apr 1, Islamabad, Pakistan
Atlantic Canada General Relativity Regional Meeting, May 5-7 2006,
Astrophysical Applications of Numerical Relativity, May 6-11, 2006, Guanajuato, Mexico
Fundamental Physics in Space, May 22-24, Washington U.S.A
Gravity Wave Astronomy, Jun 5-16, S. Padre Is. U.S.A
6th LISA Symposium, Jun 19-23, Greenbelt, MD, U.S.A
36th COSPAR Assembly, Jul 16-23, Beijing, China
Teaching General Relativity, Jul 20-21, Syracuse, U.S.A
Finsler extensions, Nov 4-10, Cairo, Egypt
XXIII Texas Symposium, Dec 11-15, Melbourne, Australia




Multifluid Phase Flows etc Mar 31-Apr 4 Cambridge
Hyperbolic models & cosmology Jun 23-27 Cambridge, UK
5th Edoardo Amaldi Conference on Gravitational Waves Tirrenia (Pisa) Italy, July 6 - 11, 2003
Higher-Order Geometry, July 23-24 Lisbon
, Workshop in Tuebingen (August 7-9 2003):Numeric and analytic properties of the vacuum Einstein equations>
7th Hungarian Workshop, Aug 10-15 Sarospatak
Summer Schoolon Particle and Nuclear Astrophysics, Nijmegen, Aug 17-29
New Geometry of Nature, Aug 25-Sep 5 Kazan, Russia
Mathematics of Gravitation II Sep 1-10, Warsaw
3rd Ulyanovsk School Sep 1-10 Ulyanovsk
27th SPANISH RELATIVITY MEETING ; (Gravitational Radiation)   Alicante (Spain) - Sep 11-13 (2003)
Sources of Grav. Waves Sep 15-26 Trieste
International Congress of Mathematical Physics (ICMP XIV), July 28th - August 2nd 2003, University of Lisbon, Portugal
ECGM6 Mar 29-30 College Park, MD
Focus sessions at APS meeting Apr 5-8 Philadelphia
Astrophys of Wave Sources Apr 24-26 College Park, MD
Black Holes IV, May 24-28 Honey Harbour, Canada
10th Canadian Conference, May 28-31 Guelph, Canada
Decennial Perspective, June 8-12 Penn State, University Park, PA
Marcel Grossmann 10 Jul 20-26 CBPF-ICRA/Rio de Janeiro
School in GR Hydrodynamics, Jul 21-Aug 1 Vancouver
13th Midwest Meeting, Oct 17-18 Windsor, Ont.
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