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Invited speakers


Tutorial lectures

Anne White (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, United States)
Comparing turbulence measurements with simulations

Francesco Pegoraro (Università di Pisa, Italy)
Stability criteria of magetohydrodynamic plasmas and their
underlying Hamiltonian structure

Fulvio Zonca (ENEA Centro Ricerche Frascati, Italy)
Physics of energetic particles and Alfven waves

Felix Parra (University of Oxford, United Kingdom)
Neoclassical and turbulent transport in stellarators


Topical lectures

Aleksey Mishchenko (Max Planck Institut für Plasmaphysik, Germany)
Pullback approach for gyrokinetic electromagnetic simulations

Thomas Pütterich (Max Planck Institut für Plasmaphysik, Germany)
Impurities in a reactor

Caterina Riconda (Université Pierre et Marie Curie, France)
Relativistic electron acceleration in laser plasma interaction

George Wilkie (Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden)
First-principles modelling of fast ion transport by microturbulence

George Throumoulopoulos (University of Ioannina, Greece)
On equilibrium, stability and dynamics of ITER-like plasmas

Christopher Ham (Culham Centre for Fusion Energy, United Kingdom)
Theory of nonlinear ballooning modes

Alessandro Zocco (Max Planck Institut für Plasmaphysik, Germany)
Geometric stabilization of the electrostatic ITG driven instability

Xin Wang (Max Planck Institut für Plasmaphysik, Germany)
Nonlinear dynamics of EP-driven Alfvenic fluctuations in fusion plasmas

Taina Kurki - Suonio (Aalto University, Finland)
Clearing the road for high-fidelity fast ion simulations in full 3D

Yevgen Kazakov (ERM/KMS Brussels, Belgium)
Recent advances in fast ion generation and heating multi-ion
plasmas with ion cyclotron waves

Arturo Alonso (CIEMAT Madrid, Spain)
Zonal flow relaxation in stellarators

Alessandro Geraldini (University of Oxford, United Kingdom)
Kinetic solution of a collisionless magnetic presheath

Rogerio Jorge (École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland)
Analytical model for SOL plasma dynamics at arbitrary collisionality