Program for the second meeting of the EU Network

6-10 June, 2001


1. 12:00 -- 19:00 Registration at the hotel

Meeting for senior Network members to discuss organizational/management details.

2. Alternate meeting for everyone else

THURSDAY   (Numerical Relativity)

09:00  Ed Seidel:                             Network Overview
11:30 Nick Stergioulas:                Neutron Stars (Review Talk)
12:15 Gabrielle Allen:                   Cactus Overview 
13:00   +  Discussions 
17:00 Potsdam, Valencia, Palma Overviews
17:45 Philippe Grandclement:      Initial data for binary black hole coalescence
18:05 Keisuke Taniguchi:            Initial data for binary neutron star coalescence
18:25 Peter Diener:                      PN Based Binary Black Hole Initial Data
18:45 Ulrich Sperhake:                A new numerical approach to radial oscillations of neutron stars"
19:05 Meeting between groups

FRIDAY  (Astrophysics and PN Methods)

09:00  Gerhard Schäfer:               PN Methods (Review Talk)
10:00 John Miller:                        Accretion Disks (Review Talk)
11:30 Eric Gourgoulhon:              Neutron Star binaries (Review Talk) 
12:15 Meudon, Jena, SISSA  Overviews
13:00 Discussions 
17:00 Nicolaos Spyrou:                Dynamical equivalence of geodesic motion and hydrodynamical flows and consequences
17:30 Luciano Rezzolla:              Gravitational Wave Emission by Cataclysmic Variables: numerical models of semi-detached binaries
18:00 Dorota Gondek-Rosinska: Triaxial instability in rapidly rotating strange quark stars
18:20 Loic Villain:                         Non-linear effects in r-mode instability
18:40 Shin'ichirou Yoshida:         Looking for r-modes with a toy model
19:00 Meetings between groups


09:00 Excursion: Boat trip to Mount Athos
18:00 Round table: Discussion with the Advisory Board
20:00 Banquet

SUNDAY  (Perturbation methods)

9:00  Valeria Ferrari:                Perturbations of stars and black holes (Review talk)
10:00 Nils Andersson:                 Stellar instabilities (Review Talk)
11:30 Ian Jones:                           R-modes in rapidly rotating Newtonian polytropes
11:50 Johannes Ruoff:                Time evolution of stellar perturbations 
12:20 Rome, Southampton, Thessaloniki Overviews
13:05 Discussions 
17:00 Emanuele Berti:                 Perturbative formalisms for binary neutron stars
17:20 Jose Pons:                          Gravitational radiation reaction in binary neutron star coalescence
17:40 Reinhard Prix:                    Current projects on the two-fluid neutron star model
18:00 Adamantios Stavridis:       The relativistic Cowling approximation for slowly rotating neutron stars

MONDAY (Departure)