Dr. Heinz Isliker

Postdoctoral Fellow, Ph.D. (Dr. sc. nat.)

Section of Astrophysics, Astronomy and Mechanics
Department of Physics
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
541 24 Thessaloniki, Greece

phone: +30 - 2310 - 99 80 62
fax: +30 - 2310 - 99 53 84

e-mail: isliker AT astro.auth.gr (where ' AT '=@)




Μάθημα: Εισαγωγή στη Φυσική των ιονισμένων αερίων (Φυσική Πλάσματος)

MHD simulation of Orszag Tang vortex with the MYDAS code:
density fluctuations in space as a funcion of time (animated gif,
for avi, click Orszag Tang vortex, avi format)

MHD          simulation of super-sonic flows

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