A few words about the possible origin of my surname:

According to Greek mythology, Atlas, one of the Titans, and the nymph Pleione had seven daughters. Atlas was forced by the Gods to carry the heavens on his shoulders while kinky Orion pursued the Pleiades. Thus Zeus transformed them first into doves, and then into stars to comfort their father (Gods work in mysterious ways....). The constellation of Orion appears to still pursue them across the night sky.......

Some thoughts:

Although it is long since the human race has risen from the subconscious, most of its action are still dictated by instincts and greed. We have come a long way only to realize that we still have to go an even longer way towards consciousness, humanity and respect for the different. I often wonder if we are the same race that has had the amazing ability and imagination to build the devices to observe the Universe back in time, as it was just a few hundred thousands years after it was born, with the race that invades, loots and kills for apparently no good reason, except for a malicious drive for ever bigger profits. Such actions have dear reprecautions and victims, the most innocent of which are the children.