Some news articles on my research:

Some simulations:

     1. Nonlinear r-Modes in Rotating Relativistic Stars

Evolution of the axial velocity in the equatorial plane  [mpg]

Evolution of the rotational velocity in the xz-plane  [mpg]

    2.  Long-Term Simulations of Single Relativistic Stars
     Visualization by Werner Benger and Luciano Rezzolla (Mpg and Quicktime format at AEI)

      Avi format (requires the DivX codec) :

      a) Nonlinear Radial Pulsation of Migrating Star

3D volume rendering of density and internal energy(1.3 Mb avi)

2D slices of density and internal energy  (0.24 Mb avi)

      b) Rapidly Rotating Relativistic Star

3D volume rendering of density   (1.8Mb avi)

3D volume rendering of x-component of velocity (7.0Mb avi)