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 "Complex Laboratory and Astrophysical Plasmas"


After returning to Greece and joining the faculty of the Department of Physics of the University of Thessaloniki, (end of 1985), I developed a research group funded mainly by the European Union (EEC) and the Greek government. In the period of 1992 to1996 we built a European network studying “The coherent radiation and particle acceleration in natural plasmas”. The network consisted of Drs. J. Brown (Glasgow), G. Trottet (Meudon, Paris), J. Kuijpers (Utrecht) and P. Louran (CNET/CNRS, Paris).

During that same period Dr. Rene Kluiving (University of Amsterdam) spent two years with our group. Other members of our group during that period were Dr. Tassos Anastasiadis, currently a senior scientist at the National Observatory in Athens, Greece, Dr. Manolis Georgoulis , currently holds a post-doc position at  the Applied Physics Laboratory, USA, Paschalis Paschos, currently a a reseacrh associte at the University of Callifornia at San Diego, USA, Vasiliki Pavlidou and Kostas Tassis, currently research fellows at Center for Cosmological Physics, University of Chicago, USA and Iro Tasitsiomi, currently  post-doctoral fellow  at the Department of Astrophysical sciences, University of Princeton, USA. Kallia Petraki is currently a graduate student at the  Physics Department , UCLA. Evangelos Siminos  is a graduate student at the physics department of the Georgia Tech. Members of our group were also Dr. Spiros Patsourakos, who completed his Ph.D at the Institute Astrophysique Spatiale under the supervision of Dr. J. C. Vial and now holds a post-doc at NRL, and Dr. Vassilis Arhontis, who completed his Ph. D at the University of Copenhagen under the supervision of Prof. Ake Nordlund and currently holds a pos-doc position at The University of St Adrews, UK. Anastasios Fragos and Emmanuela Rantsiou  started Graduate studies in the Astronomy Department of The NorthWestern University, USA.

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Organizing Euroconferences and meetings

Our group organized a series of workshops, Euroconferences and Meetings in Thessaloniki:


Major achievements (1980-2002)
  • Contributions to charged particle dynamics and radiation signatures in isolated magnetic loops (1977-1982).
  • Electron Cyclotron emission from trapped high energy electrons and particle acceleration from coherent radiation (1982-1985).
  • Studies on “Fragmentation of energy release and particle acceleration and propagation” (1989-2000).
  • Applications of Complex theory to 3-D solar active region and Self Organized Criticality and avalanche models for solar flares (1993-2002).
Our cartoon

Fragmentation of energy release and solar flares. 
Particle acceleration is dye to stochastic electric fields (1992)

(see also Hugh Hudson's grand archive for flare cartoons)

3-D Active regions near the SOC state

Active region close to self organonised state 
The formation of millions of current sheets is obvious (2000) 

Our Movies

The  3-D evolution of an active region avalance (producing a flare)


Formation and evolution of active regions (see our recent article in Ap.J Letters, 575, L87, 2002 for more details)

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Our group now (2003)
Researchers Dr Heinz Isliker  (Senior Research Fellow)
  Dr Marco Onofri  (Research Fellow)
  Dr Ingmar Sandberg (Research Fellow)
Graduate students Christos Tsironis (Non-linear wave heating of plasmas)
Undergraduate students

Matina Gioulidou  forth year of studies
Eve Ntormousi  forth year of studies
Theodora Dagaraki  third  year of studies
 Kiki Dionisiopoulou  third  year of studies


Our group is currently funded by the European program Human Potential Development (Research and Training Network) and Association Euratom-Hellenic Republic (Research in Fusion) and PYTHAGORAS (Ministry of Education)