From the left: Paschalis Paschos, Manolis Georgoulis, Vassilis Archontis,
Loukas Vlahos and Nikos Mylonas (1994)
Loukas Vlahos, Tassos Anastasidis, Rene Kluiving, Manolis Georgoulis
Dina Manolakou, Despoina Papadaki (1995)
The group serving as the local organizing committee for the European Solar Physics meeting in Halkidiki (1996). Starting from the right  Tassos Anastasiades, Manolis Georgoulis, Vassilis Arhontis,  Despoina Papadaki, Loukas Vlahos, Vasiliki Pavlidou, Dina Manolakou, Nikos Mylonas, Fotis Konstantinidis (currently graduate student at UCLA)


Jan Kuijpers visited Thessaloniki to give a series of lectures on Pulsar Astrophysics and this was a good occasion for our group and a few friend to meet. (1998)


More to come……