Basic Processes of Turbulent Plasmas


Summer School

23-28 September 2003, Chalkidiki, Greece


General Information 

European Union recently funded a Research Training Network (RTN) on 

'Theory, Observations and Simulations of Turbulence in Space Plasmas'.

The Universities involved are:

Imperial College (Peter Cargill, Coordinator),
University of Calabria (Francesco Malara),
University of Florence (Marco Velli),
University of Oslo (Viggo Hansteen),
Institute dí Astrophysique (Jean-Claude Vial) and
University of Thessaloniki (Loukas Vlahos).
We plan to organize a series of two successive Summer Schools. Researchers
at the pre- and  post-doctoral level are encouraged to apply to the school
The second school will take place in Cosenza, Italy in 2004 and it will be
devoted to 'Analysis techniques for turbulence'

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Last update on October 16, 2003