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Group photo 7 Lecture room Coffee break
Announcing that the food is limited but the wine is unlimited.. three hours later.. Rim Turkmani
J.C.Vial-2 Luca Sorriso-Valvo J.C. Vial
Rim Turkmani Prof. Papadopoulos teaching the stable waves in salted water J.C.Vial-3 Is Andre Mangeney preparing the next question... Rim Turkmani
 Melissa Longmore-1 Rim Turkmani Prof. Carbone the teacher.. Rim Turkmani Prof. Carbone the singer..
Rim Turmani Melissa Longmore Melissa Longmore
Rim Turmani  Sunset in Ouranoupolis Rim Trukmani Melissa Longmore  with Maria Nachaeva (Russia) and Emily Yordanova (Bulgaria)

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