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The invited reviews and the selected oral contributions for each session are given below. All abstracts submitted to the SPM-96 and not listed here, are considered as contributed posters.

Monday, 13th May

Registration from 18:00
Welcome drink at 20:00

Tuesday, 14th May

Session 1 (morning): Solar interior and oscillations (G. Belvedere, Chair)

Invited reviews

L. Paterno (Italy) : The structure and dynamics of the Sun from helioseismology
N.O. Weiss (U.K.) : Modulation of solar and stellar activity cycles

Oral contributions

S.V. Ajukov (Russia) : A possibility to compute helioseismically consistent solar model
V.A. Baturin (U.K.) : Helioseismic probe to the structure of the solar convection zone
E. Covas (U.K.) : Robustness of truncated $\alpha\Omega$ dynamos with a dynamic $\alpha$
J.P. Rozelot (France) : The sun changing sizes : a review
E. Tikhomolov (Russia) : Rossby vortices in the layer between the convection zone and radiative interior
A. Grandpierre (Hungary) : On the origin of the 11.2 yr solar cycle period

Session 2 (afternoon) : Physics of flux-tubes and waves (Yu. D. Zhugzhda, Chair)

Invited reviews

S.K. Solanki (Switzerland) : Dynamics of flux tubes in the solar atmosphere: Observations
B. Roberts (U.K.) and P. Ulmschneider (Germany) : Dynamics of flux tubes in the solar atmosphere : Theory

Oral contributions

M. Goossens (Belgium) : Analytic theory of resonant Alfv\'en waves in coronal loops excited by footpoint motions of the magnetic field lines
S. Poedts (Netherlands) : Nonlinear MHD simulations of wave dissipation in flux tubes
V.M. Nakariakov (U.K.) : Body sausage solitons and "latent" heating of plasma in magnetic flux tubes
J. Ireland (U.K.) : Phase mixing of Alfv\'en waves in the solar corona
J.C. Henoux (France) : Role of electric currents in thin flux tubes physics
O. Steiner (U.S.A.) : Convective intensification of magnetic fields at the solar surface

Wednesday, 15th May

Session 3 (morning) : Heliosphere and cosmic rays (G. Simnett, Chair)

Invited reviews

T.R. Sanderson (ESTEC) : Energetic ion observations during the Ulysses prime mission
D. Burgess (U.K.) : An overview of solar wind and interstellar medium coupling

Oral contributions

R.J. Forsyth (U.K.) : The heliospheric magnetic field at solar minimum : Ulysses results
O. Malandraki (Greece) : Study of solar flare electron event onsets
M. Pick (France) : Solar particle events during the Ulysses mission
M. Poquerusse (France) : The radiation pattern of solar type III radio bursts: Ulysses - ARTEMIS observations in and out of the ecliptic plane
G. Simnett (U.K.) : Modulation of the low energy anomalous cosmic rays at high heliolatitudes by corotating interaction regions
D. Lario (Spain) : Interplanetary transport of shock accelerated protons at low ($\sim $500 keV) and high ($\sim$ 20 MeV) energy
V. Tritakis (Greece) : Solar and interplanetary responses to the asymmetric optical emissions of the solar corona

Session 4 (afternoon) : Structure and flows in the upper atmosphere (C.E. Alissandrakis, Chair)

Invited reviews

B. Schmieder (France) : Flows through a magnetically structured atmosphere
M. Carlsson (Norway) : Chromospheric dynamics: what can be learnt from numerical simulations

Oral contributions

I. Rodriguez H. (Spain) : 3-D variations of solar atmospheric parameters from the inversion of 2-D high spatial resolution spectroscopic data
S. Koutchmy (France) : Disk and off-limb spicules
K. Muglach (Germany) : Multiple velocities observed in He I 1083 nm
P. Ambro\'z (Czech Rep.): Large scale restructuring of the corona as derived from eclipse observations and numerical models
J. Glover (U.K.) : The magnetic signatures of high latitude CMEs
N.A. Lotova (Russia) : Radio maps of the solar wind transition region

Special Session (late afternoon) : First results from SOHO ( M. Huber, Chair)

P. Martens (ESTEC) : Overview of the SOHO mission: Instrumentation, operations and logistics
E. Antonucci (Italy) and G. Simnett (U.K.) : Early new results

Thursday, 16th May

Excursion : Boat trip around Mount Athos

Friday, 17th May

Session 5 (morning) : Restructuring of magnetic fields (L. Vlahos, Chair)

Invited reviews

A. Nordlund (Denmark) : Topologically forced reconnection
A.O. Benz (Switzerland) : Energy release process in active regions

Oral contributions

R.L. Ricca (U.K.) : Evolution of knotted magnetic flux-tubes
H. Baty (France) : Ideal current layers and kink instability in line-tied coronal loops
G. Einaudi (Italy) : MHD turbulence and coronal heating
M. Georgoulis (Greece) : Coronal heating by nanoflares and the variability of the occurence frequency in solar flares
H. Isliker (Greece) : Are solar flares deterministic or random processes?
W.M. Glencross (U.K.) : Continuous energy conversion at the base of the solar corona
J. Kuijpers (Netherlands) : Magnetic pumping on the white dwarf in AE Aquarii and solar implications

Session 6 (afternoon) : Particle acceleration physics (N. Vilmer, Chair)

Invited reviews

G. Trottet (France) : Production of non-thermal particles at the Sun
E.T. Sarris (Greece) : Particle acceleration in the interplanetary medium

Oral contributions

S.R. Kane (U.S.A.) : Maximum brightness and directivity of impulsive hard X-ray sources in solar flares
L. Fletcher (ESTEC): Particle acceleration and transport in reconnecting plasmas
L.G. Kocharov (Finland) : Impact of magnetic environment on generation of high energy neutrons at the sun
V. Kurt (Russia) : Origin of the high energy gamma-ray emission ( $>$ 30 MeV) in the March 26, 1991 and June 15, 1991 solar flares
M. Karlick\'y (Czech Rep.) : Frequency gap between fast drift and type III associated bursts
I. Roth (U.S.A.) : Acceleration of He-3 and heavy ions in impulsive solar flares: Analogy and uniqueness

Conference Dinner

Saturday, 18th May

Session 7 (morning) : New instrumentation (J.-C. Vial, Chair)

Invited reviews

P. Mein (France) : New ground-based solar instrumentation
E. Antonucci (Italy) : Future space solar instrumentation

Oral contributions

R. J. Rutten (Netherlands) : The Dutch open telescope on La Palma
M. L. Demidov (Russia) : A polarization-free solar telescope for high precision observations of large-scale magnetic fields
S. Koutchmy (France) : Imaging experiments on solar probes
I.S. Kim ( Russia) : Opportunities of coronagraphic telescopes
D. Maroulis (Greece) : A new digital solar radio spectrograph at the Thermopyles station, Greece
O.V. Andriyenko (Ukraine) : On the new method of obtaining of the sun as a star spectrum

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