Recent Publications (1994-2004)

  • 1994
    • Particle acceleration in an evolving active region by an ensemble of shock waves , A. Anastasiadis and L. Vlahos Astroph. J. , 428, 819 (1994).
    • To get a copy in postscript format (~600 kb) click here
    • Theory of fragmented energy release in the sun , L. Vlahos, Space Sci. Rev. , 68, 39 (1994).


    • Energy release in the Solar Corona , T.S. Bastian and L. Vlahos, in Coronal Physics from Radio and Space Observations, G. Trottet (ed.), Lecture Notes in Physics; 483, Springer-Verlag, p. 68 (1997).
    • Variability of the occurence frequency of solar flares and the statistical flare, M.K. Georgoulis and L. Vlahos, Astr. Astroph., 336, 721 (1998).
    • A stochastic model for solar type III bursts, H. Isliker, L. Vlahos, A.O. Benz and A. Raoult, Astr. Astroph., 336, 371 (1998).
    • Derivation of solar flare cellular automata models from a subset of the magnetohydrodynamic equations, D. Vassiladis, A. Anastasiadis, M. Georgoulis and L. Vlahos, Astroph. J. Letters, 509, L53 (1998). To get a copy in postscipt format (~68 kb) click here
    • Solar flare cellular automata interpreted as discretized MHD equations, H. Isliker, A. Anastasiadis, D. Vassiliadis and L. Vlahos, Astr. Astroph., 335, 1085 (1998). To get a copy in postscript format (~160 kb) click here
    • Formation of active Regions: Observations and Theory, L. Vlahos, in Advances in solar physics: Three dimensional structure of solar active regions, C. Alissandrakis and B. Schmieder (eds), ASP Conference Series, vol. 155, (1998). To get a copy in postscript format (~258 kb) click here






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