A research group from our Section, headed by Prof. John Seiradakis,  
observed the total Solar eclipse at Kastelorizo and transmitted the
live image via a special  transponder of HELLAS SAT-2
(March 29th from 12:30-15:00).

Read the press release about the results of the collaboration
with Pasachoff's group.

Watch a 7 minute video (with live commentary in greek) 
of the  total eclipse in real format, provided by the
Network Operations Center of AUTH)

For the real format stream, you need to have Real Player installed
and a broadband (e.g. ADSL)
connection of at least 384Kbps.

Read the press release on the HELLAS SAT-2 broadcast.

Presentation of the total eclipse, as seen in Kastelorizo
Thursday, 13 April, 2006, 20:00, Department of Physics (A31)