Mavridis Michalis

Institution:              Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.
Department:            Physics.
Section:                    Astronomy Lab, Astrophysics, Astronomy and Mechanics.


Address:                    Aristotle University of Thessaloniki,
                                  541 24 Greece.

Building:                    Ground floor office / Astronomy Lab

Diploma thesis:          Computational study of synchrotron radiation and applications.  (in greek only)

Ph.D. thesis subject:   Study of anomalous diffusion in fusion plasmas with the use of gyrokinetic turbulence simulations.
Ph.D. supervisor:        Professor Loukas Vlahos.

Research interests:     Plasma physics.
                                    Nuclear fusion.
                                    Gyrokinetics and gyrokinetic simulations with  GENE (Gyrokinetic Electromagnetic Numerical Experiment).  
                                    Magnetic reconnection.
                                    Computational physics.
                                    Self organized criticality - Soc.

Current projects:        Study for the characteristics of self-organization in global gyrokinetic simulations.

                                    Study of magnetic reconnection in gyrokinetic simulations of fusion plasmas.

Publications:               A study of self organized criticality in ion temperature gradient mode driven gyrokinetic turbulence.  (download pdf)
                                    Mavridis M., Isliker H., Vlahos L., Görler T., Jenko F., and Told D., Physics of Plasmas 21, 102312 (2014).