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BOARD MEETING in MUNICH (September 15th, 2001)

Draft Minutes of the first Board Meeting of the
EAS-EPS Gravitational Physics Section

JENAM 2001, Munich, 14 September, 18.45 hrs - 19.30 hrs

Attending members:
Jiri Bicak
Massimo Cerdonio
Karsten Danzmann
Daniel Enard
Kostas Kokkotas, secretary
Serge Reynaud
Gerhard Schaefer, chairman
Timothy Sumner

Not able to attend:
Christian Borde
Valeria Ferrari
Andrzej Krasinski
Igor Novikov
Bernard Schutz
Gabriele Veneziano

1. Adoption of Draft Agenda
The agenda was approved.

2. Election of Chairman and Secretary
The ad-hoc chairman during foundation was elected for the first period (7 yes-votes).
The ad-hoc secretary during foundation was elected for the first period (7 yes-votes).

3. Information about GPS
3.1 draft statutes
The draft statutes were shown to be updated concerning the titles of the Board Members.
3.2 membership
A list of all members of the GPS was distributed showing from which countries the members are coming from. Presently the GPS has 85 members. The Board Members agreed to try to attract more colleagues for GPS.
3.3 homepage
The homepage of the GPS was reported by the secretary to be in preparation. The structure and the content was discussed.

4. Future actions
i) The Board Members agreed that all Board Members should participate in the discussion for the time and the place of the next Section Meeting. The discussion will be done by e-mail.
ii) The Board will soon contribute to Europhysics News. The chairman, as convener of the Joint Discussion Section (JD5) of the GPS on JENAM-01, will summarize JD5 for the EAS Newsletter.

5. Any other business
The chairman asked the Board Members to become full members of the EPS or the EAS.


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