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Gravitational Physics Section

1. Scope
The Gravitational Physics Section of the Joint Astrophysics Division between the European Astronomical Society and the European Physical Society is an association of European Scientists engaged in or interested in any aspect of gravitational physics including its relation to neighboring disciplines.
2. Aims
The aims of the Gravitational Physics Section are:
  • to promote studies in gravitational physics and related topics,
  • to facilitate contacts between members,
  • to encourage collaboration in scientific research and exchange of personnel between institutions,
  • to stimulate the interest of young scientists in the field of gravitational physics,
  • to organize regular meetings,
  • to maintain contacts with related groups within the European Physical Society and the European Astronomical Society and
  • to communicate with similar organizations in other parts of the
3. Membership
Membership of the Gravitational Physics Section is open to individual scientists or institutions interested in gravitational physics, and who are members of the European Physical Society under Articles 4a), 4b) or 4c) and Article 7 of the Constitution. Membership in the Section is also open to full members of the European Astronomical Society.
Members are admitted upon written application. Individuals who are not members of the European Physical Society nor of the European Astronomical Society may participate in the scientific activities of the Section and may receive information concerning these upon application. These individuals will have the status of ``affiliates'' of the Section.
4. The Board
The business of the Section is carried out by a Board. The Board is composed of twelve Section Members, including the Chairman and Secretary who are elected by the Board and confirmed by the EPS Executive Committee. The Board will meet at least once a year. The responsibility of the Board is to promote the aims given in Article 2. The Board will inform members of the Section's activities at least once a year. Between elections the Board may co-opt up to four members, who will resign at the time of the next election. The Board will nominate one representative to the Board of the Division.
5. Elections
Each year one third of the elected members of the Board will resign and new members will be elected for the next term of three years. Members who have resigned are eligible for re-election for one further consecutive term only. Elections to the Board will take place during a Section Meeting. If in any year no Section Meeting is held the election will take place by postal vote or by e-mail. Nominations for Board members may be made by the existing Board or by at least five Section members.
6. Finances
The Section, may, by vote of its members, decide to request from its membership a contribution to the Section for its work.
7. The Board
The Gravitational Physics Section will hold a variety of types of Scientific Meetings. Section Meetings covering a wide range of gravitational physics will be held at intervals of two or three years. Each Section Meeting shall, as far as possible, be organized by institutions in a country other than that in which the previous one was held. At the end of each meeting the place and the date of the next meeting will be decided. Small Meetings (referred to as Workshops) may be organized more frequently, as and when required. Further, the Section will participate in, or organize, interdisciplinary meetings and educational meetings as suitable occasions arise.
8. General Assembly
A General Assembly shall be held during each Section Meeting.
9. General Assembly
In any case of doubt the relevant articles of the statutes of the
European Physical Society and the Joint Astrophysics Division shall
be applied.
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