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How to become a member of the GPS

  • Membership of the Gravitational Physics Section is open to individual scientists or institutions interested in gravitational physics.
  • Anybody, who wishes to become member of GPS should write an e-mail letter to Kostas Kokkotas (
  • Those who are members of EAS or EPS can become full members of GPS upon application.
  • Those who are not, can become "affiliates" of GPS only.
  • Members of national societies, interested in becoming members of EPS or have to inform their national societies about it.
  • Members of EPS or EAS have to pay membership fees according to the rules of EPS or EAS (see the EPS and EAS homepages).
  • There are no extra fees for members of GPS.
  • For further information about membership in EAS or EPS click in the following web sites:
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