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Joint Discussion Section (JD5) on JENAM 01
of the EAS-EPS Gravitational Physics Section

The this year founded Section Gravitational Physics of the Joint Astrophysics Division between the European Astronomical Society and European Physical Society had its first meeting on JENAM 2001 in form of a Joint Discussion. The Joint Discussion comprised 10 talks, nine invited ones, and one contributed. Two of the talks nicely complementd the plenary talk of K. Danzmann about gravitational wave astronomy with GEO and LISA: D. Enard (VIRGO collaboration) gave an overview of gravity waves detectors in Europe and in the world, and G. Prodi (Trento Univ.) reported on a recent gravitational wave search by the observatory of resonant detectors. The third talk in experimental physics was delivered by T. Sumner (Imperial College); he thoroughly summarized the proposed space missions to test the equivalence principle.

The invited talks in theoretical physics comprised several topics: the structure of radiative spacetimes (J. Bicak, Praque), the motion of compact binaries (G. Schδfer, Jena), decoherence through gravitational wave background radiation (S. Reynaud, Paris), instabilities of rotating and pulsating relativistic stars (K. Kokkotas and N. Stergioulas, Thessaloniki) including a detailed discussion of the role of differential rotation in the r-mode instability (L. Rezzolla, Trieste).

Although running quite late in the week, up to about 30 scientists were attending JD5, asking many questions or contributing interesting remarks. To keep within the schedule of the program was not an easy task.


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