Holomon History

Astronomical observations on Mt. Holomon began in the early 2002 using only portable telescopes which were used by undergraduate students to obtain data for their theses. The high quality of the night sky lead to the idea of establishing a more permanent installation Prof. J. H. Seiradakis and Prof. S. Avgoloupis (retired professors of Observational Astronomy in the Physics Department of A.U.Th.) proposed the construction of a mobile shelter within the university facilities. In 2004, the building of the permanent station was completed under the supervision of Mr. E. Tsorlinis, technical expert of the Astronomy laboratory and member of the Technical Experts Committee of the A.U.Th.. Today, the Holomon Astronomical Station is a place where different activities related to astronomy are taking place: research, outreach, education and training for students.


The Sation under construction in 2004                                  Prof. S. Avgoloupis (left) and prof. J. Seiradakis (right)