M.Sc. Theses

  Theses supervised in the M.Sc. program "Computational Physics" by members of our section.

Chira, Maria: "Environmental dependence of dark matter halo abundances" (E. Plionis) 


Karpouzas, Konstantinos: "A survey for non-transiting planets with Kepler" (K. Tsiganis) 


Kosmidis, Savvas: "Fractals-Julia Sets of the Quadratic and Cubic polynomials and Julia Sets of the Newton-Raphson iteration map" (E. Meletlidou) 


Skoulidou, Dimitra: "Symplectic integration of equations of motion and variational equations for extrasolar systems of N - planets" (G. Voyatzis) 


Tanidis, Konstantinos: "Using the latest compilations of SNIa to test the isotropy of the cosmic expansion" (E. Plionis) 


Zografos, Panagiotis: "Stability of motions near Lagrange points in the Elliptic Restricted Three Body Problem" (G. Voyatzis) 


Andrea, Maria: "Numerical models of magnetospheres for strongly magnetized neutron stars" (N. Stergioulas) 


Efthymiadou, Anastasia: "The local and large scale environment of different types of AGN" (E. Plionis) 


Kotsas, Orestis: "Dynamics of three-planet systems: stability and resonance trapping" (G. Voyatzis) 


Kouroumpatzakis, Konstantinos: "The infrared properties of the population of galaxies missing from the BPT diagrams" (E. Plionis) 


Kovlakas, Konstantinos: "A user–friendly Minimum Spanning Tree library and a GUI: a first application to cosmological N–body simulations" (E. Plionis) 


Myrisas-Magkounis, Athanasios: "Effects of non-conservative forces (Yarkovsky type) on the dynamical evolution of asteroid families" (K. Tsiganis) 


Nikolopoulos, Stavros: "The dynamical system of Duffing’s equations" (E. Meletlidou) 


Doultsinou, Vasiliki: "Free-floating planet scattering by a star-planet pair: the 3D case" (H. Varvoglis) 


Prousalis, Dimitrios-Lavrentios: "Study of the behavior of a neuron with the neuron model of Hindmarsh-Rose" (E. Meletlidou) 


Skoulidou, Despoina: "Effect of sun's mass loss in the dynamical evolution of the Solar System" (H. Varvoglis) 


Toutountzi, Anna: "Statistical properties of the solar active region corona: A data-driven analysis applied to a model for particle acceleration" (L. Vlahos) 


Daskalakis, Eleftherios: "Orbit simulation in the gravitational field of asteroid 433 Eros" (G. Voyatzis) 


Kyrmos, Ioannis: "Gravitational waves at flat and open FLRW cosmological models" (Ch. Tsagas) 


Manolopoulou, Maria: "Galaxy Cluster Rotation" (E. Plionis) English version:


Palapanidis, Konstantinos: "Equilibrium Models of Strongly Magnetized Neutron Stars (N. Stergioulas) English version: 


Vourellis, Christos: "Models of black hole disks with self-gravity and non-constant angular momentum" (N. Stergioulas) 


Gkolias, Ioannis: "Chaos in 1-dimensional nonlinear disordered lattices" (Ch. Skokos) 


Graikou, Eleni:  "Timing of the Triple Pulsar System PSR J1623-2631 using TEMPO2" (J.H. Seiradakis, K. Lazaridis, N. Stergioulas) en   gr (summary) 


Manika, Dorothea: "Application of the Compound Matrix Theory for the computation of Lyapunov Exponents of autonomous Hamiltonian systems" (E. Meletlidou) 


Sotiriadis, Sotirios: "Symplectic integration of the planetary N-body problem on GPU platforms" (K. Tsiganis) 


Kodra, Ditran: "Cosmological perturbations with non-ideal fluids" (Ch. Tsagas) 


Stavropoulos, Athanasios: "Stochastic differential equations with applications to dynamical systems" (G. Voyatzis) 


Tantilian, Gkratsia:  "Simulating the Gravitational Field on a Non-rotating Neutron Star on GPUs" (K. Kokkotas, N. Stergioulas) gr  en   presentation 


Iosif, Panagiotis:  "The CFC approximation in uniformly and differentially rotating relativistic stars" (N. Stergioulas) gr   en (summary) 


Antoniadis, Panagiotis:  "The IDO Method and its Implementation in CUDA C" (N. Stergioulas)  (additionaly, download numerical codes here).


Frogakis, Vasileios:  "Alfvén quasi-periodic oscillation in neutron stars and numerical solution of magnetohydrodynamic equations"  (N. Stergioulas) 


Kalogeras, Petros:  "Theoretical and numerical consideration of the baroclinic instability" (N. Stergioulas) 


Antoniadou, Kiriaki: "Expansions of the disturbing function in three-body problem"  (G. Voyatzis) 


Tziotzios, Thomas: "Computation of chaoticity indices in many degree of freedom systems" (G. Voyatzis) 


Chondroudi, Elissavet: "Study of a fourth order autonomous electric circuit with a piece wise linear element (experimental-simulation)" (I. Chatzidimitriou) 


Mavridis, Michail: "Computational study of gyrosynchrotron with applications" (L. Vlahos) 


Panagiotakopoulos, Christos: "Lotcka-Volterra systems" (E. Meletlidou) 


Morellas, Vasileios: "Satellite orbits in binary asteroid systems" (H. Varvoglis) 


Anastasiou, Magdalini:  "Study of neutron stars single and integrated pulses" (J.H. Seiradakis, N. Stergioulas) 


Tsakiris, Nikolaos:  "A Vacuum Tracking Method for Oscillating Stars" (N. Stergioulas) 


Tsouchnika, Maria: "Neural networks and application" (G. Voyatzis) 


Tzirti, Stella: "Artificial satellite orbits in the perturbed potential of the Earth" (H. Varvoglis) 


Voukantzis, Dimitrios:  "Simulations of Compact Binary Systems in the Ellipsoidal Approximation" (N. Stergioulas)    


Tziampazlis, Vasileios:  "Three-Dimensional Simulations of Rotational Modes in Relativistic Stars" (N. Stergioulas)        


Σκαρπαλέζος, Λουκάς:  "Χαοτική Κίνηση" (Ε. Μελετλίδου) 


Μααΐτα-Τζαμάλ, Οδυσσέας:  "Μοντελοποίηση του Ομογενούς Μαρκοβιανού Συστήματος ως Ελαστικό Μέσο" (Ε. Μελετλίδου) 


Askolidis, Georgios:  "Three-Dimensional Visualization of Simulations in Numerical Relativity" (N. Stergioulas)  


Kotsialos, Eythimios: "Numerical Solution of Ordinary Differential Equations Using Power Series Methods and Applications to the General Three-Body Problem" (G. Voyatzis)