Ph.D. Theses




Kallinikos, Nikos: "Dynamics of charged particles in electromagnetic fields with applications in fusion devices" (E. Meletlidou) Thesis in Greek: 


Anastasiou, Magdalini: "The Antikythera mechanism: astronomy and technology in ancient Greece" (J.H. Seiradakis) Thesis in Greek: 


Antoniadou, Kyriaki: "Dynamics of planetary systems in resonances: from the planar to the spatial case" (G. Voyatzis) Thesis in Greek: 


Maaita Tzamal-Odysseas: "Energy Transfer and dissipation in nonlinear oscillations" (E. Meletlidou) Thesis in Greek: 


Kouretsis, Alexandros: "Evolution and effect of electromagnetic fields in curved spaces" (Ch. Tsagas) Thesis in Greek: 


Tzirti, Stella: "Motion of an artificial satellite around an asymmetric, rotating celestial body: applications to the solar system " (H. Varvoglis) Thesis in Greek: 


Papadopoulos, Nikolaos: "Dynamical study of galaxies as realistic physical systems"  (N. Caranikolas) Thesis in Greek: 


Karanis, Georgios: "Simulation of stellar motions in galactic models and their connection with the inverse problem of dynamics" (N. Caranikolas) Thesis in Greek: 


Konstantinidis, Symeon: "Gravitational waves from stellar systems" (K.D. Kokkotas) Thesis in Greek: 


Metallinou, Fiori-Anastasia: "Growth and Decay of Magnetic Storms in Near-Earth Space" (J.H. Seiradakis) Thesis in Greek: 


Vavoulidis, Miltiadis: "Rotating Relativistic Stars" (K.D. Kokkotas) Thesis in Greek. Presentation in Greek:  


Tsironis, Xristos: "Interaction of electromagnetic waves with plasmas and applications" (L. Vlahos) Thesis in Greek:  Presentation in Greek:  


Chatziavgousti, Despoina: "Applications of the theory of dynamical systems to biological population dynamics " (S. Ichtiaroglou) Thesis in Greek: 


Psichogiou, Dionisia: "Stability of extrasolar planetary systems" (I. Chatzidimitriou) Thesis in Greek: 


Koukoulogiannis, Vasileios: "Study of localised oscillations in systems of many degres of freedom"  (S. Ichtiaroglou ) Thesis in Greek: 


Stavridis, Adamantios: "Non Radial Oscillations of Slowly Rotating Relativistic Stars" (K.D. Kokkotas) Thesis in Greek: 


Kotoulas, Thomas: "Dynamical evolution of bodies in resonant regions in the outer solar system" (I. Chatzidimitriou) Thesis in Greek: 


Tsiganis, Kleomenis: "Diffusion of Chaotic Orbits in Hamiltonian Systems: Applications to Cetestial Mechanics" (H. Varvoglis) Thesis in Greek (4 parts):   


Georgoulis, Emmanouil: "Spatiotemporal evolution of complex active regions-mechanisms of energy release in the solar corona" (L. Vlahos) Thesis in Greek.