Holomon Station

The Holomon Astronomical Station is located on the slopes of Mt. Holomon, near the small village of Taxiarchis, Chalkidiki (view map).  The site, where the station is built, is property of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and is located next to the University Forest of Taxiarchis (view more details here). The Department of Forestry and Natural Environment is mainly responsible for the site΄s management and the Station was built in arrangement and collaboration between the D.F.N.E. and the Observatory of Thessaloniki. The facilities supporting the Holomon Station are excellent and include comfortable accomodation, a restaurant, a meteorological station, conference and teaching rooms.

The observatory on Mt. Holomon, is currently equipped with two telescopes (10' Meade and 11' Celestron) on fixed mounts, one on a portable mount, and two smaller ones used for auto-guidance. In addition, there are three main CCD cameras (and others used for auto-guidance) as well as a number of different filters. 

 Longtitude: -23o 30' 19.6" (East)

 Latitude: +40o 25' 58.4" (North)

 Altitude: ~850m above sea level


Here you can find more details about the history and the establishement of the Station (in Greek)