School presentations
TUESDAY 23 September 2003
Main Lectures
K. Papadopoulos Waves and instabilities in turbulent space plasmas
A. Celani Hydrodynamic turbulence
Contributed Talks  

E. Yordanova

Multifractal structure of turbulence in Magnetospheric Cusp

Radio interferometer signal at raying of the solar wind plasma by cosmic source radio emission

N. Decamp

Interstellar turbulence and hierarchical structuring

L. Heggland

Waves in the chromosphere and corona

S. Giordano

Topology of Supergranulation: Pair Correlation Function  g2(r)  and Information Entropy  H(l)

S. Russo

Hexagonal generalization of Van Siclen information entropy

WEDNESDAY 24 September 2003
Main Lectures
A. Pouquet MHD turbulence
A. Mangeney Kinetic Processes in turbulent plasma
Contributed Talks  
F. Valentini

First results of the cylindrical Vlasov-Poisson code: a numerical study of the Bernstein-Landau paradox

C. Marchetto

Simulating an IBW propagation perpendicular to the confining field:non-linear kinetic effects and possibility for turbulence suppression

O. Alexandrova

Alfven wave instabilities: Cluster observations and hybrid simulations

P. Hellinger

Magnetosheath marginal stability path

F. Sahraoui

Magnetic turbulence in the terrestrial magnetosheath: observation and theoretical model

M. Longmore

3-dimensional structure and non-linear behaviour at the quasi-parallel bow shock

THURSDAY 25 September 2003  
Main Lectures  
V. Carbone Models for turbulence
Contributed Talks  
G. Nigro

Nanoflares and MHD turbulence in Coronal Loop: a Hybrid shell model

E. Buchlin

Distributions of coronal events: observations, simulations and event definitions

M.F. De Franceschis

Dissipation of Alfven waves in coronal structures

K. Gontikakis Electron acceleration and radiation in evolving complex active regions
S. Stangl

2D spectropolarimetric analysis of a small active region in the solar atmosphere

L. Dolla

A search for signatures of preferential heating of heavy ions in the Low Corona, by way of ion cyclotron resonance

FRIDAY 26 Septemper 2003  
Main Talks  
. Nordlund 3-D numerical simulations of turbulent plasmas
T. Horbury Space observations: an overview
Contributed Talks  
R. De Bartolo

Asymptotic states forecasting as solutions of 2D MHD equations

M. Onofri  Three-dimensional simulations of magnetic reconnection
A. F. Rappazzo

Dynamics of the magnetized wake and the acceleration of the slow solar wind

K. Bamert

Wave-particle interaction upstream of a CME-driven shock: SOHO/CELIAS/HSTOF and ACE/MAG

N. Agueda-Costafreda The downstream region
A. Sadovski

The induced scattering of Alfven waves in fast solar wind

SATURDAY 27 September 2003  
Contributed Talks  
R. Kallenbach Plasma turbulence and wave-particle interaction near the main interplanetary shock of the Bastille day Coronal Mass Ejections
W. Fundamenski Turbulent Transport in Tokamak Edge Plasmas
A. Bigazzi

Mode coupling in non-axisymmetric dynamo models

S. Galtier

Weak Electron MHD Turbulence

S. Landi

Alfven wave propagation in an X point magnetic geometry

A. Noullez Global Variables in decaying Burgers turbulence
L. Sorriso-Valvo Intermittency in solar wind induced electric field
R. Turkmani

Numerical simulations of Alfvn waves in the solar corona

L. Del Zanna

Parametric decay of large-amplitude Alfvn waves and turbulence evolution in the fast solar wind