MSc Theses

  Theses supervised by Prof. Nikolaos Stergioulas in the M.Sc. program "Computational Physics".
  Stamatis Vretinaris: Analysis of gravitational waves from binary neutron star mergers and machine learning applications  
  Theodoros Soultanis: Dynamics of Relativistic Stars with Tabulated EOS in the Einstein Toolkit 
  Maria Andrea: Numerical models of magnetospheres for strongly magnetized neutron stars  
  Konstantinos Palapanidis: Equilibrium Models of Strongly Magnetized Neutron Stars English version: 
Christos VourellisModels of black hole disks with self-gravity and non-constant angular momentum  
  Eleni Graikou Timing of the Triple Pulsar System PSR J1623-2631 using TEMPO2 en   gr (summary) 
  Gkratsia Tantilian Simulating the Gravitational Field on a Non-rotating Neutron Star on GPUs gr  en   presentation 
Panagiotis Iosif:  The CFC approximation in uniformly and differentially rotating relativistic stars gr   en (summary) 
  Panagiotis Antoniadis: The IDO Method and its Implementation in CUDA C  (additionally, download numerical codes here).
Vasileios FrogakisAlfvén quasi-periodic oscillation in neutron stars and numerical solution of magnetohydrodynamic equations 
Petros Kalogeras: Theoretical and numerical consideration of the baroclinic instability 
  Magdalini Anastasiou: Study of neutron stars single and integrated pulses 

Nikolaos Tsakiris: A Vacuum Tracking Method for Oscillating Stars 

Dimitrios Voukantzis: Simulations of Compact Binary Systems in the Ellipsoidal Approximation    
  Vasileios Tziampazlis: Three-Dimensional Simulations of Rotational Modes in Relativistic Stars         
  Georgios Askolidis: Three-Dimensional Visualization of Simulations in Numerical Relativity