M.Sc. Theses

Maria Manolopoulou: "Galaxy Cluster Rotation" (E. Plionis) English version:
  Konstantinos Palapanidis: "Equilibrium Models of Strongly Magnetized Neutron Stars" (N. Stergioulas) English version: 
2013 E. Graikou:  Timing of the Triple Pulsar System PSR J1623-2631 using TEMPO2(N. Stergioulas, J.H. Seiradakis, K. Lazaridis) en   gr (summary) 
  G. Tantilian:  Simulating the Gravitational Field on a Non-rotating Neutron Star on GPUs (K. Kokkotas, N. Stergioulas) gr  en   presentation 
  P. Iosif:  The CFC approximation in uniformly and differentially rotating relativistic stars (N. Stergioulas) gr   en (summary) 
  Antoniadis Panagiotis:  The IDO Method and its Implementation in CUDA C (N. Stergioulas)  (additionaly, download numerical codes here).
  Παναγιωτακόπουλος Χρήστος: Μελέτη Συστημάτων Lotcka-Volterra (E. Μελετλίδου) 
  Anastasiou Magdalini:  Study of neutron stars single and integrated pulses (N. Stergioulas) 
  Tsakiris Nikolaos:  A Vacuum Tracking Method for Oscillating Stars (N. Stergioulas) 
  Voukantzis Dimitrios:  Simulations of Compact Binary Systems in the Ellipsoidal Approximation (N. Stergioulas)    
  Tziampazlis Vassilios:  Three-Dimensional Simulations of Rotational Modes in Relativistic Stars  (N. Stergioulas)        
  Σκαρπαλέζος Λουκάς:  Χαοτική Κίνηση (Ε. Μελετλίδου) 
  Μααΐτα Τζαμάλ Οδυσσέας: Μοντελοποίηση του Ομογενούς Μαρκοβιανού Συστήματος ως Ελαστικό Μέσο   (Ε. Μελετλίδου) 
  Askolidis Georgios: Three-Dimensional Visualization of Simulations in Numerical Relativity (N. Stergioulas)  
  Kotsialos Eythimios: Numerical Solution of Ordinary Differential Equations Using Power Series Methods and Applications to the General Three-Body Problem (G. Voyatzis)