B.Sc. Theses

  Chatzigiannakis, Dimitrios: "The Optical Environment of the X-ray AGN: Problems for the Unification Paradigm" (E. Plionis) English version:   
  Drigga, Eleftheria-Maria: "Correlation between sources emitting radiowaves and the position of local AGN" (E. Plionis) English version:   
  Ziampras, Alexandros: "Development and testing of an algorithm for numerical N-body simulations on a planetary system." E. Plionis) English version:   
  Lioutas, Georgios: "Neutron Star Oscillations Damping through Gravitational Wave Emission" (N. Stergioulas) English version:   
  Papadopoulos, Vasileios: "Seeing measurements on Mt. Cholomon in Chalkidiki and possible correlation with weather" (E. Plionis) Greek version:   
  Amvrosiadis, Aristeidis: "The two point correlation function of dark matter haloes" (E. Plionis) Greek version:   
  Chira, Maria: "A percolation (Friends-of-Friends) algorithm development and its application to cosmological N-body simulations" (E. Plionis) English version:   
  Karpouzas, Konstantinos: "An eclipsing binary system with a possible transiting companion on an S-type orbit" (J.H. Seiradakis) English version:   
  Madika, Eytychia: "The Luminosity Function of Galaxies in the Coma Cluster and its Outskirts" (E. Plionis) English version:   
  Migkas, Konstantinos: "Constraining Cosmological Parameters and Testing the Isotropy of the Hubble Expansion using Supernovae Ia" (E. Plionis) English version:   
  Papastergiou, Alexandros: "The M/L Ratio of Clusters and Ωm Parameter" (E. Plionis) English version:   
  Traianou, Thalia: "CCD Photometric Observations of Active Galactic Nuclei and their Neighbours" (E. Plionis) English version:   
  Vakoulis, Ioannis: 'Observation and analysis of flare stars and study of atmospheric turbulence"  (J.H. Seiradakis) English version:   
  Amvrosiadis, Aristidis: "The 2-Point Correlation Function of Dark Matter Haloes in Light-Cone Cosmological Simulation" (E. Plionis)English version:   
  Anagnos, Theodoros: "Discovery probability of transiting extragalactic planets and habitable exoplanet statistics in the Milky Way" (J.H. Seiradakis) English version:   
  Andrea, Maria: "Equilibrium configurations of strongly magnetized neutron stars with realistic equations of state" (N. Stergioulas) English version:   
  Athanasiadis, Telemachos: "A Study of Orbits Around Neutron Stars in Scalar-Tensor Theories of Gravity"  (N. Stergioulas) Greek version:   
  Dima, Katerina: "Evolution of Perturbations in an Expanding Space and Tests of the Linear Approximation with Data from N-Body Cosmological Simulations" (E. Plionis) Greek version:   
  Palapanidis, Konstantinos: "Equilibrium Models of Strongly Magnetized Neutron Stars" (N. Stergioulas) English version:   
  Stergiopoulou, Aikaterini: "Photometric Observations of Asteroids Rotation periods of five large main belt asteroids (40km-160km) (J.H. Seiradakis, K. Tsiganis) English version:   
  Tsiaras, Angelos: "Detection of an additional extra-solar planet and simulation of perturbations on transit light-curves" (J.H. Seiradakis)English version:   
  Valogiannis, Georgios: "Equilibrium models of magnetized tori around rotating black holes" (N. Stergioulas) English version:   
  Xylaki, Theodora: "Single pulse statistical analysis of magnetar AXP J1809-194" (J.H. Seiradakis) English version:   
  Efthymiadou, Anastasia: "Models of Accretion Disks Around Black Holes with a Generalized Specific Angular Momentum Distribution" (N. Stergioulas, J. A. Font) Greek version:   
  Kovlakas, Konstantinos: "Search for weak periodicities in astronomical data using the FFT and FFA algorithms" (J.H. Seiradakis)Greek version: , English version:   
  Lesgidou, Nastazia-Lemonia: "Star Forming Regions in Active Galactic Nuclei with Multiwavelength Observations" (J.H. Seiradakis)English version: ,  
  Avdellidou, Chrysoula: "Calculation of the Rotation Period of Main Belt Asteroids" (J.H. Seiradakis) Greek version: , English version:  
  Ioannidis, Panagiotis: "Search Survey and Characterization Effort of Extra-Solar Planets from the Holomon Astronomical Station" (J.H. Seiradakis) English version:  
  Nikoli, Magdalini: "The First References on the Discovery of the Antikythera Wreck and Mechanism" (J.H. Seiradakis) Greek version:   
  Kouroubatzakis, Konstantinos: "Deep Optical CCD Observation on Supernovae Remnants" (J.H. Seiradakis) Greek version: , English version:  
  Karamanavis, Vasileios: "A Wide-Field Survey For Variable Stars"(J.H. Seiradakis) Greek version: , English version:  
  Myserlis, Ioannis: "A Low Frequency Radio Telescope-First Results of Solar Observations"  (J.H. Seiradakis) Greek version: , English version:  
  Fragkou, Vasiliki: "The Antikythera Mechanism: Historical Reference and Astronomical Extensions"  (J.H. Seiradakis) Greek version: ,English version:  
  Kalfountzou, Eleni: "Spectroscopic Classification of ULIRGs SWIRE sources"  (J.H. Seiradakis) Greek version: , English version:  
  Graikou, Eleni: "Single pulse intensity histograms from five pulsars"  (J.H. Seiradakis) Greek version:   
  Roupas, Demetrios: "Study of Byzantine and post-Byzantine texts of astronomical interest" (J.H. Seiradakis) Greek version:   
  Μαρκούλης, Αντώνης: "Αριθμητική Ολοκλήρωση του Προβλήματος Τριών Σωμάτων με την Mathematica" (G. Vougiatzis) Greek version:   
  Κυριακόπουλος, Νίκος: "Τροχιές Υλικού Σημείου σε Διδιάστατα Ευθειοπαραγωγά Δυναμικά" (Ε. Μελετλίδου - Γ. Μπόζης) Greek version:  
  Πέτρου, Μαρία: "Στατιστική Μελέτη στις Εναλλακτικές Ιδέες των Πρωτοετών Φοιτητών Φυσικής σε Βασικά Θέματα Αστρονομίας" (Λ. Βλάχος) Greek version:   Διαγνωστικό Τεστ στην Αστρονομία:  
  Proedrou, Elissavet: "Study of single pulses of pulsars in correlation to their emitted radiation" (J.H. Seiradakis) Greek version: , English version:  
  Χρυσοβαλάντης, Μαργαρίτης: "Συμμετρίες και Εφαρμογές στη Μηχανική" (Ε. Μελετλίδου)     Greek version:   

Antoniadis, Ioannis:  "A Survey for Extrasolar Planets with the Method of Transits" (J.H. Seiradakis) Greek version: , English version:


Vogiannou, Anastasios:  "Numerical Calculation of the Diffusion Coefficient in Langevin Equation with periodic potentials" (L.Vlahos) English version:


Dionysopoulou, Kyriaki:  "Charged-particle Orbits Near Magnetized Black Holes" (N. Stergioulas)  English version:




Tremou, Evangelia: "HII REGION DETECTION IN LOCAL GROUP CENSUS" (J.H. Seiradakis)  Greek version: , English version:


Kouskoura, Vasiliki: "Detection Methods of supernovae in nearby galaxies, digital imaging processes" (J.H. Seiradakis) Greek version 

  Nestoras, John S.: "Photometric observations and Data Reduction of Contact Binary Systems and of SS433 Long Term Study of the Astronomical Seeing in Mount Xolomon Chalkidikis." 
(J.H. Seiradakis) Greek version: , English version:


Pyrzas, Stylianos: "Photometric Study and Detection of Periodicities in
Cataclysmic Variable Stars" (J.H. Seiradakis) Greek version: , English version: 





Ilonidis, Efstathios: Relativistic Simulations of Accretion onto Compact Stars (N. Stergioulas) Greek version 


Lazaridis, Kosmas: Pulsar Nulling Quantitative Analysis(J.H.Seiradakis) Greek version:  English version: 


Manolidis, Dimitrios: Self-Consistent Equilibrium Models of Compact Star-Torus Systems (N. Stergioulas)


Metallinos, Konstantinos:  High-Entropy Neutron Star Models (N. Stergioulas)




Charitos, Panagiotis: A Survey of Equations of State for Compact Stars (N. Stergioulas)  Greek version 


Fanidakis, Nikolaos: Quantizing Gravity: Insights from Quasinormal Modes of Black Holes (K. Kokkotas) English version  


Milea, Christos: Gravitational Radiation in Numerical Relativity (N. Stergioulas) Greek version 


Mislis, Dimitrios: Measurements of Atmosphere Turbulence and Detection of Extrasolar Planetary Systems (S. Aygoloupis, I. Seiradakis) Greek version 


Panoglou, Despoina: X-ray Emission from Neutron Stars and Simulations with Cellular Automata (L. Vlahos) Greek version 


Taxidis, Ioannis: Numerical Simulations of Gravitational Collapse (L. Vlahos) Greek version , English version , Greek version of Presentation 




Kavgas, Alexis: Microquasars: The paradoxical properties of object SS433 (J. H. Seiradakis) 


Iakovou, Maria : The Physics of John Philoponous and Galileo (H. Varvoglis) 




Rantsiou, Emmanouela : Reconstruction of Force-free Magnetic Field With Constant alpha (L.Vlahos, F .Moreno - Insertis(Spain))



Voukantzis, Dimitrios : Gravitational Radiation from Compact Starts(N. Stergioulas) 







Keskilidou, Elisabeth : Digital Analysis and Archiving of Flare Star Data (J.H. Seiradakis) 



Koutroumba, D. : Hard X-ray and radio observations of energetic electrons in solar flares (L. Vlahos)




Nikas, Vassilios : Analytical approach to 2-D MHD solutions of the solar wind (L. Vlahos)



Paschalidis, Vassilios : Models of Rapidly Rotating Neutron Stars(K.D. Kokkotas, N. Stergioulas)  




Petraki, K. : Numerical simulation of turbulent flow using the GOY model (L. Vlahos)




Siminos, Evagelos. : Simulating Hydrodynamics using the Lattice Gas Cellular automata (L. Vlahos) 



Tsakiris, Nikolaos : Numerical Relativity and Applications to Astrophysical Jets (N. Stergioulas)  



Tziampazlis, Vassilios : Observable Relativistic Effects in Compact Stars (N. Stergioulas)  







Asvesta, Vassiliki & Zina, Charoula : Interaction of Humans and Near-Earth Environment (N.K. Spyrou)  



Chatzikos, Marios : Single Pulse Statistical Properties of Pulsar Data(J.H. Seiradakis)



Ioannou, G. : Numerical simulations of Galaxy formation (L. Vlahos, V. Ince (Netherlands))



Radioti, Katerina : Conversion of EPN Pulsar Data to XML Format (J.H. Seiradakis)  






Noutsos, Aristeidis : The General Structure of EPN Data - Simultaneous Observations Analysis (J.H. Seiradakis) 



Angelakis, Emmanouil : Frequency Dependence of Pulsar Profiles (J.H. Seiradakis) 






Tasitsiomi, Iro : Non Linear wave particle interacton (L. Vlahos) 






Karastergiou, Aristeidis : Pulsar power spectra (J.H. Seiradakis)



Kontopantelis, Spiros : Stochastic self propagating star formation on a differentially rotating disks (L. Vlahos, J. Brown (UK))



Pavlidou, Vassiliki : A cellular automaton model for the magnetic activity in accretion discs (L. Vlahos, J. Kuijpers (Netherlands))



Tassis, K. : Time series analysis on Pulsar observations (L. Vlahos)









Akalidis, Th. : Solar Dynamo (L. Vlahos)



Metallinou, Fiori-Anastasia : Fractinated pulsar integrated profiles analysis (J.H. Seiradakis)







Stavridis, Adamantios : Sources and detection of gravitational waves (K. Kokkotas) 



Nakos, Theodoros : UBV-CCD photometry and astrometry in physical binary stars, with G-type primaries (J.H. Seiradakis) (January 1996)






Barziv, Orly : Cataclysmic Variables and Eclipse Mapping of GS Pavonis(J.H. Seiradakis) (September 1994)



Tsakmaki, Paraskevi : Statistical Moments of Pulsar Radiation (J.H. Seiradakis) (September 1994)






Psaltis, Demetrios : The effect of instrumentation in two-colour diagrams of X-ray sources (J.H. Seiradakis) (June 1991)



Kalogera, Vassiliki : Investigation of the intrinsic properties of cataclysmic binaries (J.H. Seiradakis) (June 1991)






Lazaridis, Emmanouil : Screening of N. Greece for the installation of an astronomical station (J.H. Seiradakis) (September 1990)






Vourlidas, Angelos : Instalation and Implementation of a radio telescope (J.H. Seiradakis) (September 1989)



Georganopoulos, Markos : Evaluation of the Polyzova area for the installation of an astronomical station (J.H. Seiradakis) (January 1989)






Kounatidis,  Ioannis: The RS CVn phenomenon (J.H. Seiradakis) Greek version: 


Pylarinou, Laoura : Astrophotography (J.H. Seiradakis) (September 1988)



Zesta, Eftyhia : Supernova remnant 1987A - A year after (J.H. Seiradakis) (June 1988)



Zarras, Demosthenes : The RV Tauri stars (J.H. Seiradakis) (June 1988)



Polatides, Antonios : Photoelectric observations with a PC (J.H. Seiradakis) (January 1988)






Boufidis, Demetrios : The first three minutes (J.H. Seiradakis) (June 1987)



Laspias, Vassileios : A new supernova remnant (J.H. Seiradakis) (June 1987)






Tsindikidis, Demetrios : The galactic centre (J.H. Seiradakis) (June 1986)



Diplas, Athanassios : The neutron star PSR 1237+214 (J.H. Seiradakis) (June 1986)