BSc Theses

  Theses supervised by Prof. Nikolaos Stergioulas in the B.Sc. program "Physics".
  G. Koutalios "Spectral Classification of Neutron Star Post-Merger Gravitational Wave Emission"
  M. Peletidou "Black Holes in Alternative Theories of Gravity"
  A. Nikolaidis "Accuracy of a Finite-Temperature Extension for Cold Neutron Star Equations of State"
  R. Al Belbeisi "Neutron Star Models with a Finite-Temperature Equation of State"

M. Zioga "1+1 Numerical Relativity applied to neutron star models" 


E. Smirniotis "Models of Neutron Stars in R2 gravity in the framework of the equivalence between f(R) gravity and Brans-Dicke type theories" 

  A. Sasli "Oscillations of Rotating Polytropes"

P. Kolitsidou "Radial Oscillations of Relativistic Stars with Piecewise Polytropic Equations of State" 


S. Vretinaris "Data Analysis for Gravitational Waves from Merging Neutron Stars" 


E. Stoikos "A Study of Alcubierre's Warp Drive Solution in General Relativity" 


G. Lioutas “Damping of Neutron Star Oscillations through Gravitational Wave Emission


M. Andrea “Equilibrium Models of Strongly Magnetized Neutron Stars with Realistic Equations of State” 


G. Valogiannis “Equilibrium Models of Magnetized Accretion Disks around Rotating Black Holes” 



T. Athanasiadis A Study of Orbits Around Neutron Stars in Scalar-Tensor Theories of Gravity 


A. Eythymiadou “Models of Accretion Disks Around Black Holes with a Generalized Specific Angular Momentum Distribution” 



K. Dionysopoulou “Charged-Particle Orbits near Magnetized Black Holes” 


K. Zagkouris “Axisymmetric Oscillations of Relativistic Stars with Realistic Equations of State” 


D. Manolidis “Self-Consistent Equilibrium Models of Neutron Stars with Tori”  


S. Ilonidis “Relativistic Simulations of Accretion onto Compact Stars” 


K. Metallinos “High-Entropy Neutron Stars” 


Ch. Milea “Gravitational Radiation in Numerical Relativity" 


P. Charitos “Equations of State for Neutron Stars” 


D. Voukantzis “Grativational Radiation from Compact Stars” 


N. Tsakiris “Numerical Relativity and Application to Astrophysical Jets” 


V. Tziampazlis “Observational Relativistic Phenomena in Compact Stars” 


V. Paschalidis “Models of Rapidly Rotating Neutron Stars”