L.Vlahos D. Papadopoulos Welcome and introductory remarks
Mattias Marklund

Covariant approaches to relativistic plasmas in  astrophysics and cosmology

Kostas Kokkotas

Gravitational waves (part 1) (Tutorial)

Kostas Kokkotas  Sources of Gravitational waves: An Overview (part 2) (Tutorial)
Joachim Moortgat An MHD approach to gravitational wave propagation in (general) relativistic plasmas (tutorial)

Astrophysical Applications (contribution)


Jan Kuijpers  The problem of low-frequency emission from GWs

Harald Dimmelmeier   Mariage des Maillages: Combining Finite Difference Schemes and Spectral Methods in (General) Relativistic Hydrodynamics

Nikos Stergioulas Magnetized (General) Relativistic Stars and the Status of Numerical Relativistic MHD
Apostolos Kuiroukidis Propagation of Gravitational Waves through magnetized  plasmas in curved space time
Demetrios  Papadopoulos  Gravitational waves interacting with spinning particles

Nikolaos Spyrou    Conformal Dynamical Equivalence and Cosmological Consequences

Christos Tsagas   A Tutorial on Relativistic Cosmology and perturbation theory

Christos Tsagas     On the superadiabatic amplification of primordial magnetic fields 

D. Papadopoulos   Magnetized Jeans Instability in anisotropic Universe
Kostas Kleidis   

Propagation of Gravitational waves in a FRW Universe

E. Guendelman
Consequenses of a dynamical volume element
Andreas Kallberg    

Nonlinear wave-wave interactions involving gravitational waves

Heinz Isliker

 A tutorial on the pseudospectral methods

Ingmar Sandberg     

Numerical studies on the non linear interaction of GW with magnetosonic waves

Loukas Vlahos       

Kinetic aspects on the interaction of GW with unstable plasmas

Jan Kuijpers   Summary and discussion