Common Sessions

August Evrard: Population statistics of Cluster Samples
Alexander Kolodzig: Angular correlation studies of the cosmic X - ray background: A new frontier of LSS studies with X - ray surveys
Emma Storm: Shocks in galaxy cluster outskirts: the case of A3667
Florence Durret: Detection of filaments and LS structures around the DAFT/FADA clusters up to z~1
Florian Pacaud: The XXL 100 brightest galaxy cluster sample
Gerrit Schellenberger: HICOSMO - - X - ray analysis of a complete sample of galaxy clusters
Lorenzo Faccioli: Cosmology with the new XCLASS cluster sample
Lauro Moscardini: Looking for Baryon Acoustic Oscillations of Galaxy Clusters
Marco De Petris: Coherent motions of ICM and dark matter in synthetic clusters of galaxies and their impact on kinetic SZ map
Marguerite Pierre : An overview of XXL
Mariachiara Rossetti: The Dynamical and cool - core state of Planck SZ - selected clusters
Motokazu Takizawa: Exploring the Intracluster Magnetic Fields through Radio and X - ray Observations
Nhut Truong: Scaling Relations of High-Redshift Simulated Clusters of Galaxies
Nicolas Martinet: Weak Lensing Study of 16 DAFT/FADA Clusters: Substructures and Filaments
Nobuhiro Okabe: Joint X - ray and Subaru/HSC Weak -lensing Analysis of Very Nearby Galaxy Clusters
Paul Giles: Comparison of X - ray and optical clusters/groups from XXL and GAMA
Ricardo Valdarnini: Code performances in subsonic flows of an SPH scheme based on a matrix approach (Integral Approximation)
Thomas Reiprich: Cosmological constraints from the brightest clusters in the sky
Srivatsan Sridhar: Evolution of the real-space correlation function from next generation cluster surveys